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(A Coaching Institute for students from 8th to 12th Std.)
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Why IQ Academy

In our views the issues related to young generation today are that :
- they follow the crowd,
- they are influenced by various factors e.g. friends, society, family etc.
- they are tempted by current trends,
- they accept parents verdict per force i.e. full fill parent’s dreams.
- they lack motivation and vision etc.

Having known the above we at IQ strive for the over all development of our students. It’s not only the basics and fundamental issues related to studies which we take care, but also focus on the behavioural aspects of our students. We spend time in identifying the weak areas of each student and also provide them motivation and career counselling.

Our curriculum includes the following :
- Focus on clarity of concepts from basic & fundamental level to advance level
- We provide updated and upgraded study material
- We promote interactive mode of education & ensure participation of every students
- Periodical tests are conducted and results communicated
- Problem solving sessions and extra classes, if required.
- Micro level analysis of the performance of each student done and shared with parents
- We continuously strive for improvement and enhance human values
- We believe in life long learning, integrity and respect for every one.
- We cover complete syllabus in a very effective and sequential manner.
- We infuse competitive drive in every student.
- We focus on quality rather than quantity
- Motivational & career counselling classes
- Time Management and memory retention classes